Marketing Task 1 – Case Study

For a public relations case study example I chose the Choose a Chunky Champion campaign by KitKat. The brand KitKat are a chocolate bar brand owned by Nestle, which began production in 1935 and are still producing their chocolate goodness to this day.


The campaign started in 2012, and was redone again in 2013 due to it’s success. The campaign was a sales promotion where KitKat released 4 limited edition flavoured chunky KitKats. The flavours were white chocolate, orange, peanut butter, and double chocolate. They produced them and they were sold worldwide, and the idea of the campaign was that the public had to vote for which flavour they wanted to be kept on the shelf. The other three would be eliminated, so it invited the public to be active in the campaign and go out and choose what flavour they wanted to be saved. They did this because it increases awareness of their brand and interactivity. The two way method of this campaign which involves both the audience and the brand makes it successful as the requirement of engagement makes the audience think about the brand which creates a huge amount of sales promotion.


Their idea was based on the idea of survival from elimination, with a superhero kind of approach. Each flavour was represented as and by a superhero, and the whole idea theme revolved around the idea that only one flavour could survive the shelf. It is a common theme throughout media so they made it their own by presenting the competition as though is was a contest amongst the flavours. In addition to this, this theme fits in with their target audience of 18-30 year olds, who are mainly men. It fits in with this demographic as stereo -typically this is the kind of audience who would find a superhero theme appealing.


Kitkat were trying to give their sales a big boost with their highly invested in campaign, and also awareness. Creating new flavours inspires curiousness so the public will go out and buy their product to try it and gain their own opinion. This boosts their sales because everyone went out and bought them as well as the regular KitKat. The aim was also to create awareness, which it did as it brought the public attention to their brand through the competitive element. In addition to this, the aim was help product development. If they had each flavour that was up for voting already in development but the company couldn’t decide on which one to keep, this sales promotion strategy was perfect as it not only helped them in deciding on a flavour, but brought large recognition to the brand.


The overall strategy involved three out of the four elements in a promotional mix: Advertising, public relations and sales promotion. The brand is advertising as they placed adverts everywhere, on billboards, social media, television and radio, which increased awareness for the brand and their campaign. The public relations was the interactivity between the brand and the public which increased engagement with the brand which would increase their reputation and build profit. Lastly, they used sales promotion through the marketing activities they used. This activity was the chunky champion scheme which gave incentive to the consumer to buy more of their product, which increased sales, and also helped develop their range further. The field of public relations and marketing this event was in is the food and beverage field.

The approach taken was highly effective and saw sales and reputation shoot up massively, both in the first campaign in 2012 and also again in 2013. The element of engagement and competition was effective as it meant that the public actually had to consider their own opinions on the new releases and decide which was their favourite, which means an increase in sales to see which was their favourite. In addition to this, this campaign was effective as it caught the eye of the public more than a regular advert most would walk by and feel indifferent towards. The campaign worked in 2012. Sales hiked by 12.7% and the bars were fast selling. An average of 11 million KitKat bars were sold during this campaign in 2012, and over 60,000 votes were cast on Facebook. When placed near a convenience store, on average sales for the product increased by 25%. The brand itself claimed that it was the “biggest confectionery singles event ever for Nestlé UK & Ireland”, proving further the high effectiveness of the first campaign.


If they were to redo their campaign, there could be several things they could do differently to gain improvement and profit. One of them is, make all the flavours equally interesting. For the first campaign, the choices were white chocolate, orange, peanut butter and double chocolate. Double chocolate could be considered a boring, last minute flavour so if it were something more interesting the campaign may have been slightly more exciting and suspenseful. In addition to this, they could have added more options which would increase profit. They also could have emphasised the superhero theme by going out with mascots in the street to increase profit and awareness for the campaign.



Strategy Explained – Promotional Events

I have decided to use the strategy of promotional events to elaborate on. This is because I feel it has the most opportunity to gain a large and willing audience that will kick start the platform for our channel.. This is because a promotional event is interactive and is the most likely to engage anybody involved, and gets them to reflect on their thoughts on the event and by extension the company. If they enjoy the event, they may also tell people about the event and that they enjoyed it, and by extension also promote the brand furthermore. It also gets word around and creates awareness for the brand.

For my promotional event my company will conduct a series of flash mobs around the country before it’s launch. They will take place in cities and towns, and smaller areas as well as major cities in order to make everyone feel included in the event. So these flash mobs will take places in town and city centres such as in London (Trafalgar Square for example), Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham and more, and also smaller areas such as Exeter. The people involved will be paid volunteers that will perform upbeat and interactive dances in these areas that a choreographed simply so that it’s easy for the public to join in on. The flash mob will be composed of around 70-150 people moving in rhythm to a happy beat. This beat reflects the happy theme of the brand – the music and dance has to fit the theme. It’s happy because that is the vibe the brand wants to reflect. In addition to this, at the flash mobs there will be a stall selling ice cream. This is because firstly after dancing, participants are likely to be in need of an energy boost. Secondly, the ice cream plays along with the brand image as it focuses on the idea of a scoop – so an ice cream scoop is fitting.

My brand will conduct this by organising a voluntary team to promote the brand in return for credit and money. The brand will hire coaches to transport people involved and a van for necessary materials. We will ask for permission from officials to use the areas we will be set up in, and have volunteers stationed around the city or town centre to encourage people to go and view/join in with the flash mob.

Overall, the entire promotional event will last a few weeks to a few months prior to the launch, depending on how many locations the brand visits. The events will take place every Saturday at 1 PM in the areas for however long the event lasts. This day and time has been selected as it is the best option – town and city centres are busiest on Saturday’s as most are not in work or school then, so the more people the more audience gain. In addition to this, 1 PM is likely to be a good measure of busy as it is not too early and not too late in the day to gather a large audience.

My brand will aim to achieve wide recognition across the British nation, before the launch of the channel so that the channel will already have a keen audience. My brand will also aim to create a clear brand image of positiveness and upbeat vibe which will be immediately reflected when the channel launches. It will aim to gain the interest and appeal of the audience and show to them how positively influential a celebrity news channel can be.

My brand will promote themselves better than competition because while other celebrity news channels focus on gossip and creating a negative atmosphere around celebrities, our brand focuses on making the audience feel positive and non toxic emotions. This puts our channel in favour over others as it means we become the better influence.

The area of my market research that affected my decision to use this strategy is my questionnaire and the analysis of it. Through this I have found what my target audience value the most, and applied it to my strategy. My audience values relevance and positive news, so I have applied this to both my channel personality and image, as well as this strategy.

Press Release

Fresh Scoop Set to Break the Loop!

June 2018, London



In the July of 2018, a brand new celebrity news channel shall be launched to the public. It will be set and broadcasting from the British city of London. The channel will be broadcasting it’s celeb-tastic scoop from the times of 6 to 9 PM, GB time. The channel company is named Super Scoop! and aims to provide a new world of celebrity news to the nation. This new launch is an exciting event – the channel will be distinctly unique and provide the whole UK nation with a new era of celebrity news. Super Scoop will make itself known to set itself apart from the other celebrity channels – rather than focusing on slander and scandals, Super Scoop will provide it’s audience a positive, happy and upbeat place to listen and watch the latest fame news. This launch will happen by a first  introductory broadcast through the website to the nation at 6 PM, the first of July 2018. The company will introduce itself, and start with a bang by an hour long carousel of celebrity interviews and interactive games.

Super Scoop! will be the new host to plenty of national events. Expect to see movie premiere exclusives, roadshows, competitions, sponsorship, and more! The goal for the channel is to provide a familiar space for young people to enjoy the world of fame. Super Scoop! aim to create a positive flow through the media industry and positively influence the youth of this generation, sparking a new, updated interest in the everyday lives of those living in the spotlight. The plan is for the company to grow and flourish – from website channel, to television and possibly radio.

The product of this company is the news it provides, and the service is to provide relevant information regarding celebrity news. The channel will feature a carousel of familiar hosts with a friendly face, who will be the providers of the news to the public. It will be set in it’s very own studio, with a prominent colourful theme. Other social media services will be available if the audience has anything to contribute, and feedback from viewers will be featured every week.  July 2018 will be the time of the freshest news channel the UK has yet to see.


About Super Scoop!

Super Scoop! Is a fresh new news channel set to broadcast the hottest celebrity stories across the British nation. Kicking off with a soon to be bang in the summer of 2018, Super Scoop hopes to revolutionise the world of celebrity based news and bring a new light to the industry. Achievements are set to be made due to their positive twist. Their mission is to create a new idea of what a celebrity news channel should look like. A celebrity news channel should be positive, colourful, and leave the audience feeling happy or happier than they originally were. It should aim to create a good influence, and Super Scoop! aims to fill this criteria.


Company’s official name: Super Scoop!

Contact person: Anne-Marie Weiss

Telephone number: ***********

Business email address:

Website address:


Marketing and Public Relations Plan – Task 4


Company overview

What is your company’s:

  • Brand values
  1. Honesty – tell your audience the truth, real stories, don’t lie about celebrities, be honest with your employees.
  2. Integrity – be moral and uphold your principles, stick to them and stick together as a company.
  3. Respect – Treat your employees fairly, respect them, respect your audience and respect the celebrities – treat them with respect they are due.
  4. Persistence – Strive to succeed, don’t slack and keep working to achieve your goals- for example be respectful but if your company wishes to interview a celebrity, show that you value the opportunity.
  5. Positivity – Create stories that will have a positive influence and make the audience feel glad to hear – promote peace and don’t stir up gossip.
  • Brand personality

The personality of the brand is spritely and open minded. The brand is positive, up beat and bubbly, and as a brand they are accepting and non biased. The information/stories shared aim to be positive and to have a good influence on the audience, so as a person they are likely to be the ‘glass half full’ kind of people. The brand is chirpy, loud, and colourful. The colours of the brand would be multi coloured – red, orange, yellow, green, pink/purple and blue, to emphasise the fun and happy element of the brand. It reflects creativity and positivity which are the main qualities of the brand personality.

  • Vision

The brand vision is to revoultionise the world of celebrity news and create positive, indisputable good influence throughout the media and society.

What is the product/service you are promoting?

  • A celebrity news channel named Super Scoop!

What is the single most important benefit for your customer?

  • That they are positively influenced by the our company and the content we produce.

What is the launch date of your service/product?

  • July 2018

Company objectives

1.  To gain a following of over 50,000 people by December 2018 – allowing 6 months for initial following.

2. To reduce the cost of budget by 10% by July 2019.  Allows a year for profit increase and reduction of expenses.

3. To expand streaming from the UK to Europe by 2020.

4.  To expand my brand’s product to the radio sector by 2022.


Write a short description of what you intend to do for the following.

  •  Press Release

For my press release I will write in third person to the press about how my celebrity channel Super Scoop! will be launched in the July of 2018, broadcasting from a London studio and it will offer a new take on the celebrity news channel market, and also inform the press on how it will stand out from the others. Our brand will tell the press how unmissable it will be and that it is set to change the world of celebrity news through the positive theme and vision it has, how it hopes to revolutionise the image of celebrity news as it reflects the good, non scandalous side of Hollywood and creates a strong connectivity between brand and audience. We will also inform the press on how the readers can access the channel and promote the website so if readers take to it they know where to find the brand.

  • Promotional Events

For my promotional event our brand will conduct a series of flash mobs around the UK. We will gain paid volunteers to promote Super Scoop! by performing flash mobs in city centres around the UK, such as Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, London, Nottingham and more. The flash mobs shall engage the public and reflect the personality of the brand in an appealing manner. The personality of the brand is upbeat and chirpy so performing flash mobs and engaging the public in dancing reflects this vibe and creates a positive image for the brand. In addition to this, at the location of these flash mobs there will be tents set up selling ice cream. This is a nice addition to the flash mob as its a generous energy boost, and also plays along with the ice cream scoop theme so makes the brand appear more memorable.

  • Social Media

For my social media strategy our brand will set up public social media accounts on the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. On these platforms we shall show behind the scenes of our content, live event streaming, the hosts meeting the celebrities (the hosts will remain the same in order to create a familiarity and relatable presence with the audience), interaction between brand and audience on their opinions and what they want to see on the channel and also quizzes. On Facebook, we will focus on updating on when the brand is broadcasting and sowing the behind the scenes, and also quizzes and other similar fun activities. On Twitter the brand will focus on updates and polls, as these are shorter kinds of posts which is relevant for Twitter. On Instagram, our brand will bring insight to behind the scenes of the brand and relevant places our team will visit, such as premieres and studios. On Snapchat, we will show the more relaxed, fun side of our brand and provide an ‘uncut’ insight to make the brand appear more laid back and relatable to the audience.

  • Billboard

Because my channel is named Super Scoop! my idea for my idea revolves around ice cream which is a consistent symbolism theme throughout my brand. There will be a digital graphic of an ice cream cone, and the ice cream itself will be the brand logo on top. It will be on a mint/pale blue background, and there will be text in black bold next to it on the left side reading, ‘Get The Ultimate Scoop’. The writing will be large and bold for maximum impact, and the consistent theme of ice cream will emphasise and create a strong brand image. The use of a pun also is a good way to create memorability and has a chance of making the audience laugh which gives the brand a good image and reputation.

  • Brand strategy

For my brand strategy, I will need to come up with a strategy for purpose, consistency, and emotional impact. The purpose I will use as an outstanding strategy is identifiability and positive influence. I will make my brand relatable to the audience and regularly connect with them so that it creates a sense of familiarity between the brand and the audience. I will also conduct my brand to be positive and have positive impact on my audience by featuring purely positive news that isn’t gossip orientated, and based on positive facts. For consistency I will consistently keep a theme of ice cream scoops through my brand, and the theme of my brand will be reflected in all of our produce and marketing – positivity. I will also be consistent with colour scheme which will be the same shades of multi colours. And finally for brand strategy, my emotional impact element will be connectivity with my audience by creating the sense that they are part of the brand. To do this our brand will ask for their opinion through comments and social media, and feature what they say on the channel. This way they feel inclusion and are more likely to be emotionally inclined to the brand.


 From now to launch date provide a time line of your plan (when will what happen)




Research Analysis – Market Research

For my marketing project, I conducted a selection of research into the market of a celebrity news channel in order to gain an understanding of how this industry works. This research included:

  • Target audience
  • Competitor research (brand identity prism, social media analysis)
  • SWOTs
  • Questionnaire
  • Focus group

Target Audience

From my target audience research I have gained an understanding that to ensure I target audience effectively, I would post content that would appeal to my demographic and frequently ask my audience what content they would like to see via social media, such as through polls and comments. I would use platforms that appeal to younger audiences such as Facebook and Instagram, and I would use language that is identifiable for the audience such as chatty words and emojis. This way the audience can identify with the company, increasing the quality of the brand.

Social Media Analysis

From my social media analysis I have discovered that my competitors were successful via social media through staying consistent with their updates – both channels had platforms that were more active than others – Clevver News was consistent on Instagram, and E! News was consistent on Facebook and Twitter. These platforms had the most followers and interaction, which shows that constant activity is what brings success to their company. To ensure I match or beat my competitors in terms of success, my company will be active on social media constantly and I will also run interactive games such as polls, in order to engage and grow my audience as both companies did not feature these.

Brand Identity Prism

From my brand identity I have learnt that my competitors are tactful with their methods, for example shutting down social media pages when they’re not as successful as others and then focusing on others, and uploading consistently to stay relevant. Other commonalities are that both are colourful and both use informal and conversational language so that their audience can identify with the brand. Lastly, a commonality is that they have the same culture – stereotypical American teenage lifestyle, loud and confident. From this I have learnt that I could include these in my celebrity channel in order to be successful.

SWOT Analysis 

A few key points from the SWOT analysis’s that could influence my business and help me to decide how to conduct it are make sure that all information released is fair, true, and unbiased. I have learnt that keeping my channel positive will result in little to no problems with celebrities, and overall will have a better impact than if I featured negative stories and scandals on my channel. If I include positive stories my company is less likely to get into trouble for slander with celebrities, and if the stories are nice presenters are less likely to be negative and get into trouble. In addition to this, positivity is more likely to grant the channel the strength of presenting at live events such as premieres.

Focus Group and Questionnaire

For my focus group I created a questionnaire and asked the three participants what their answer was for each question. I asked 10 questions:

  1. What is your age group?
  • 16-23
  • 24-30

2. What gender are you?

  • Male
  • Female

3. What kind of information is relevant to you in the celebrity world?

4. Why would you take interest in a celebrity news channel?

5. Have you heard of/ watch any other celebrity news channels? If so, which ones?

6. What colours would you associate with a celebrity news channel?

7. What ways of advertising appeal to you most?

8. What would make a celebrity news channel stand out to you?

9. Would you be willing to pay for a celebrity news channel subscription, and if so, how much?

10. What time of day are you most likely to tune into a celebrity news channel?

For question 1, all three people were in the 16-23 group which indicates that most people who would provide answers regarding a celebrity news channel are more likely to fit into the younger demographic. This doesn’t change my perspective as my original perspective was that yes, the audience are more likely to be young. In response to this, I will make sure my channel appeals to a younger audience by keeping up with what the younger generation would find relevant.

For question 2, one person was female and the other two were male. This indicates that celebrity news channels can appeal to both male and female audiences. This does change my perspective as I originally thought that the audience for a celeb news channel would be primarily female. In response to this, I will make sure my content appeals to both genders and that I feature things that would appeal to a male audience, so stereotypically things such as sport and action film actors.

For question 3, my focus group said that the information that is relevant to them in the celebrity world is information regarding relevant scandals, positive news, promotions, tour dates, movies, and/or anything about new celebrity work. They also said that featuring the celebrity on show would be relevant to them. This does not change my perspective as this was originally also my perspective. In response to this, I will make sure my channel will feature a variety of these types of story.

For question 4, my focus group said they would take interest in a celebrity news channel if it featured all of the above features – promos, positive news, relevant scandals – and in addition to this, comedy. This does not change my perspective as I agreed with this, and in response I will make sure the channel features these factors.

For question 5, my focus group said that the other celebrity news they watch was MTV News, Top Gear (star in a reasonably priced car), and The Graham Norton Show. This shows that people of the younger demographic do watch other celeb news channels and that they have relevance in our generation. This changed my perspective slightly as I did not consider these shows, and I didn’t think my focus group already had an interest. In response to this, I will make sure my channel has similar good qualities to the qualities of these shows.

For question 6, my focus group said that the colours they associated were: blue and green, purple and pink and neon, red and blue and gold. This is a diverse selection of colour palettes, but it does indicate that people find celebrity news channels colourful and they are associated with bright colours. This partly changes my perspective as I originally thought that the main colours associated would be pink and neon colours, however people have a much broader perspective. In response to this I will make sure my channel features a multitude of bright colours.

For question 7, my focus group said that advertisement methods that appeal to them are product placement, subtle advertisement and comedy. This indicates that people of a younger demographic prefer adverts that are memorable and not too in your face with branding. This does not change my perspective as I perceive the same, and in response to this, when promoting my channel I will be subtle and use a wide variety of advertisement methods in order to gan a bigger audience.

For question 8, my focus group said that a celebrity news channel would stand out to them if it were engaging, entertaining, and asked good questions. In addition to this if the presentation wasn’t tacky, had good hosts and the chat was informal. This does not affect my perspective, and in response I will make sure my channel features these factors.

For question 9 my focus group said they would pay £2 a month, £5 a month and 10p daily for an annual subscription on the condition of frequent content. From this information we can see that the youth are willing to pay for this channel if they deem that it is worth the money. This does not change my perspective, and in order to achieve this I will make sure to keep my price within these borderlines.

For the last question, my focus group said that they would be most likely to tune into a celebrity news channel from late evening to night time, so from this information we can see that it would be most favourable to broadcast during these times. This does not change my perspective, and in response to them I will work out an average and broadcast my channel at this time.


In summary, the information I have conducted has lead to a great understanding of the celebrity news industry and the market behind it, and if I were to create this channel I would incorporate this data in order to achieve the best celebrity news channel possible.


Social Media Analysis 2 – E! News


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 1.27.23 PM.png

  • They have 9.7 million likes and 9.6 million people follow their posts. (following means seeing their posts in your news feed – you can like their page but not see what they post if preferred).
  • They post about celebrity news, such as drama and events, and their posts frequently link to their website where the blog post regarding the news is sourced.
  • Their brand voice is informal and personal in the same way as Clevver News – as you can see from the screenshot, they use youthful slang to identify with their audience, and use words such as ‘duh’ and ‘omg’.  Their tone is light and chatty so as to appeal to their audience and present their posts as engaging.
  • They post very frequently, about every hour or so. They are consistent and post daily in order to stay relevant to their audience and keep their attention.
  • They gain around 100-700 likes per post, which in ratio to their amount of likes is not a lot but they gain more interaction than Clevver News. They gain around 70-300 comments per post depending on the topic, which matches well with their like figures. Each post gets a different amount of shares, ranging from as little as 6 to as much as 700. This all depends on the topic and how relevant it is.
  • They don’t feature any interactive games such as polls or contests on their Facebook page.


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 1.48.21 PM.png

  • They have 10.8 million followers, and they are following 121 thousand accounts. This is a good ratio and it means that they have a lot of influence via their Twitter platform.
  • Their Twitter mirrors their Facebook posts in some ways – the style of content is the same, and each post features a twitter card that links to their website blog post. However, some of the content is different and it sometimes features content that is not on their Facebook page.
  • Their Twitter posts gain around 10-30 retweets, 20-60 favourites, and around 5-40 replies on average.
  • No engagements stand out above the others, and there are no lists. They do not run Twitter chats either.
  • They do not use any hashtags like Clevver News does, but they do occasionally retweet tweets that feature hashtags.
  • They use Twitter cards for links to their blog, but they do not use them for lead generation or email sign ups.


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 2.06.31 PM.png

  • They have 7.6 million followers and are following 737 accounts – this ratio indicates that they have a lot of influence over this platform.
  • Their posts are on brand in terms of that they post about celebrities and pop culture, but they rarely feature their own brand. Their content is nor lifestyle orientated or service showing – they feature content that is related to their brand that would appeal to their audience.
  • They don’t feature hashtags often, but they do it is hashtagging their own brand or if something prominent is featured in their post.
  • In their photos they tag other accounts if they are featured, and they always shout out the photographer or the company that took the photo.


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 2.23.20 PM.png

  • Their video content is on brand and mirrors their website content – it is all about pop culture and features content such as drama, and event coverage. They don’t tend to show off company parties or happy hours, but they do however stream their live coverage.
  • They have far less of a base on their YouTube channel as opposed to Clevver or their other social media – they have 170,000 subscribers, whereas Clevver and their other social media has millions of followers.
  • They usually gain from 1000 to 20,000 views per video. They gain around a 5-40 comments, and the tone is usually positive. On average, they gain around 100 likes and about 5-20 dislikes.
  • They have no related channels, but they do feature their other channels, E! Entertainment and E! Live. This means that from this page you cannot see how the YouTube algorithm categorises them as a channel.