Magazine layout Ideas

For my interview write up I will convert my interview into a magazine spread. As a concept it will be placed in an LGBT+ magazine such as Attitude. I will design it with bold colours and statement photos, to make the magazine pop.


I like the concept of this layout because of the boldness and how the words and images stand out. The big black and red writing instantly grabs the attention of the reader and paired with the statement photograph it makes the article really eye catching and intriguing to read, so more people are likely to be interested in reading the article which I will apply to my own magazine design. Red and black are statement colour which draws attention and makes the magazine pop, and the model in the photograph is facing the title which emphasises the importance and relevance of the article.


In this article I like the contrast of a bold black heading and the peaceful colours of green and pink. They compliment each other well which I will reflect in my magazine through the contrast of black and bright colours. I also like layout through the bordering function of the photograph at the bottom because it adds interest and colour but it also frames the article nicely. I can apply this in my article by using borders to create neatness and aesthetic organisation which makes it more appealing to look at. I also like that the article sticks to three main colours – green, black and pink – it simplifies the article in an effective way and it’s not too busy. The colours are calming which reflects the gardening theme which I can reflect in my article through relating my colour choices to my theme such as rainbow colours.

Layout Sketch:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 15.41.32

My concept idea for my layout design is for the title to be at the top, which will be my interviewee’s names in bold – Mat and Jon. Underneath it I will give a short introduction into who they are, and hype the reader up to read the article by making it seem exciting. On the opposite side I will feature a photograph of Mat and Jon to compliment and highlight the topic of the article and to make the article more visually appealing. Underneath all of this I will include my interview in chronological columns. This is a simple layout but it makes it easier and less complex for the reader to read through rather than it being complicated and difficult to read.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 15.41.38

My magazine interview was very lengthy so I will have to continue my article onto another double page spread. To do this I will keep the same design theme of colour and simplicity as I did on the previous two pages. I will include a photo on the top left corner and a smaller one on the right bottom corner, and the interview will continue in chronological order so that it will be easy to read.


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