One composition technique I will consider using in my photography project is depth. Depth is how far the camera view stretches and how much of the photo is sharp or non sharp. Shallow depth is where only the forefront is in sharp focus and the rest is blurred out. Deep depth of field is where the whole image is in sharp focus and can add depth if there are objects further away that are also in focus. For example, if a person were to take a photo of some hills, a shallow depth of field would capture the first hill and/or anything on it, but a deep depth of field would have all hills in focus so it adds more depth and distance into the picture. For example:

Shallow depth:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.07.54

Deep depth:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.06.19.png

I can apply this to my photography through using the focus of the lens to my advantage. To convey sadness I can use shallow depth of field so that the model is the only feature in entire focus which makes the photographs more appear 3 dimensional and puts the spotlight strongly on the expression of the model enhancing the obvious emotion and creating a more haunting effect.

Another composition technique I will use is cropping. Cropping is cutting out unwanted parts of a photo, which can also enlarge parts of a photo. For example:

Image result for cropping examples

The original image featured the swimming pool but when cropped the cat becomes the central focus.

I will use this composition technique in my photography through cropping out excess background. I will do this to increase the focus on the model and remove unnecessary background that may disturb the strong theme of emotion. This will also be useful for portrait photos so that the size of the photo is even.

Another composition technique I will use is view point. Viewpoint is the angle and position of the photo. Different angles convey different meanings and representations, such as a high angle which decreases power of the object or a lower angle which increases the empowerment of the object. For example:

Low angle:

Image result for low angle photography

  High angle:

Image result for high angle photography

I will use viewpoint in my photography through high angles. High angles make features look small and present a lack of power, so I shall use this in my photography to convey the powerless and vulnerability within sadness.



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