Photography Plan

My idea for my photoshoot was originally a combination of emotion and colour. I would photograph chosen people expressing different key emotions, and the setting would be a in a colour representing that emotion. I would use red to represent either love or anger, showing detail on the person’s face or mannerisms and the setting would be in a place predominantly red such as in a forest of red trees. Each colour of the rainbow would represent a different emotion.

Then, due to complications and time management my idea changed. I then changed my idea to entirely focus on one element of my previous photography idea – sadness. My idea is now to focus on the feeling of sadness and enhancing it with the colour theme of blue. I will represent each element and stage of sadness with each photo, such as vulnerability, fear and tiredness. To do this I will use a bathroom with a friend in the bath with her makeup running, with subtle but effective lighting and a blue tint. Different poses will reflect different parts of the emotion and give a haunting vibe. I will set up a camera and use different areas of the bathroom to photograph from different angles so that they aren’t all taken from the same position.

The kind of photographs I wish to aim for are:

Untitled presentation (5)



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