Research Log – Steven Speilberg – Book Excerpt


The book excerpt on Jurassic Park by Steven Speilberg

  • From this paragraph we can see that Steven Speiberg is a highly respected director. The whole paragraph credits him for his accomplishments on Jurassic Park, which is one of his most successful works as well as Jaws and Indiana Jones. It calls Jurassic Park a ‘monster blockbuster’, which tells us how big of a cinema hit it was and the scale of it’s popularity. It also goes on to comment on how it was a ‘remarkable coup’ because it was heavily dependent on special effects, which are hard to conduct successfully, and that it was also a tricky task to do well because of the intelligent dialogue necessary. These factors make a film hard to produce well but Spielberg managed this perfectly, putting him in a highly respectful light.

The book cover


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