Research Log – George Lucas – Magazine Article


The magazine cover


The whole spread of the story – Harrison Ford tells the magazine about the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens



The first two paragraphs in the article that talk about George Lucas

  • From this paragraph we can see that George Lucas is clearly a significant figure in filmmaking history that is the creator of iconic characters – ‘To us, Han Solo is an idol, the subject of action figures, posters and pencil case stickers, a paragon of sardonic, macho cool we spend our entire lives trying to emulate.’ This quote emphasises how influential and iconic George Lucas’ characters are, and puts Lucas in a positive and respectful light for creating them.
Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 5.49.23 PM

The  other short paragraphs that mention George Lucas

  • From this section we can see that George Lucas is highly respected in his creations and decisions. The film crew highly regard his position and reflect his work in the new Star Wars films, and try to continue his legacy throughout. His film work is so iconic that it forms a structure for what every Star Wars film should be. ‘It had George’s genius behind it’ shows this, as it suggests that the idea of having input from Lucas makes the Star Wars what Star Wars is, and that his script writing is the backbone for the film.
  • We can also see from this section that George Lucas has a distinct energy when he directs. His directing style is individual and isn’t matched. When George directed, he directed in his own manner and the new director, J.J also directs in his own manner. We can see this from the quote in this section, ‘George is George and J.J is J.J. They’re very different people, they have different energy and different working style.’ which shows that no two Star Wars films are the same, more so when created with different directors.

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