Research Log – George Lucas – Book Excerpt

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The article

  • From this section one quote in particular stands out – ‘Lucas-arguably the most influential filmmaker of the period’. This quote shows in black and white how iconic George Lucas was in that period and how much impact his directing had on the filmmaking industry. It puts him in the number one spot for filming in the seventies, an era of new and modern film in need of an iconic figure to base the future of film on.
  • From this section we can see that Star Wars also was the ‘highest grossing film at the time’. This shows furthermore how influential he was and emphasises how much credit is due to George Lucas and his directing. Reaching that level takes outstanding skill so for George Lucas to be at that level puts him in the limelight to be one of the most influential filmmakers of all time.
  • Despite Star Wars being inarguably Lucas’ most loved and appreciated directed work, we can see from this paragraph that American Graffiti was ‘one of the most popular films of the seventies’, which was also directed by George Lucas. This shows that George Lucas is capable of a multitude of successful work, that Star Wars wasn’t the only franchise where credit is due.

The book cover



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