Strategy Explained – Promotional Events

I have decided to use the strategy of promotional events to elaborate on. This is because I feel it has the most opportunity to gain a large and willing audience that will kick start the platform for our channel.. This is because a promotional event is interactive and is the most likely to engage anybody involved, and gets them to reflect on their thoughts on the event and by extension the company. If they enjoy the event, they may also tell people about the event and that they enjoyed it, and by extension also promote the brand furthermore. It also gets word around and creates awareness for the brand.

For my promotional event my company will conduct a series of flash mobs around the country before it’s launch. They will take place in cities and towns, and smaller areas as well as major cities in order to make everyone feel included in the event. So these flash mobs will take places in town and city centres such as in London (Trafalgar Square for example), Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham and more, and also smaller areas such as Exeter. The people involved will be paid volunteers that will perform upbeat and interactive dances in these areas that a choreographed simply so that it’s easy for the public to join in on. The flash mob will be composed of around 70-150 people moving in rhythm to a happy beat. This beat reflects the happy theme of the brand – the music and dance has to fit the theme. It’s happy because that is the vibe the brand wants to reflect. In addition to this, at the flash mobs there will be a stall selling ice cream. This is because firstly after dancing, participants are likely to be in need of an energy boost. Secondly, the ice cream plays along with the brand image as it focuses on the idea of a scoop – so an ice cream scoop is fitting.

My brand will conduct this by organising a voluntary team to promote the brand in return for credit and money. The brand will hire coaches to transport people involved and a van for necessary materials. We will ask for permission from officials to use the areas we will be set up in, and have volunteers stationed around the city or town centre to encourage people to go and view/join in with the flash mob.

Overall, the entire promotional event will last a few weeks to a few months prior to the launch, depending on how many locations the brand visits. The events will take place every Saturday at 1 PM in the areas for however long the event lasts. This day and time has been selected as it is the best option – town and city centres are busiest on Saturday’s as most are not in work or school then, so the more people the more audience gain. In addition to this, 1 PM is likely to be a good measure of busy as it is not too early and not too late in the day to gather a large audience.

My brand will aim to achieve wide recognition across the British nation, before the launch of the channel so that the channel will already have a keen audience. My brand will also aim to create a clear brand image of positiveness and upbeat vibe which will be immediately reflected when the channel launches. It will aim to gain the interest and appeal of the audience and show to them how positively influential a celebrity news channel can be.

My brand will promote themselves better than competition because while other celebrity news channels focus on gossip and creating a negative atmosphere around celebrities, our brand focuses on making the audience feel positive and non toxic emotions. This puts our channel in favour over others as it means we become the better influence.

The area of my market research that affected my decision to use this strategy is my questionnaire and the analysis of it. Through this I have found what my target audience value the most, and applied it to my strategy. My audience values relevance and positive news, so I have applied this to both my channel personality and image, as well as this strategy.


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