Press Release

Fresh Scoop Set to Break the Loop!

June 2018, London



In the July of 2018, a brand new celebrity news channel shall be launched to the public. It will be set and broadcasting from the British city of London. The channel will be broadcasting it’s celeb-tastic scoop from the times of 6 to 9 PM, GB time. The channel company is named Super Scoop! and aims to provide a new world of celebrity news to the nation. This new launch is an exciting event – the channel will be distinctly unique and provide the whole UK nation with a new era of celebrity news. Super Scoop will make itself known to set itself apart from the other celebrity channels – rather than focusing on slander and scandals, Super Scoop will provide it’s audience a positive, happy and upbeat place to listen and watch the latest fame news. This launch will happen by a first  introductory broadcast through the website to the nation at 6 PM, the first of July 2018. The company will introduce itself, and start with a bang by an hour long carousel of celebrity interviews and interactive games.

Super Scoop! will be the new host to plenty of national events. Expect to see movie premiere exclusives, roadshows, competitions, sponsorship, and more! The goal for the channel is to provide a familiar space for young people to enjoy the world of fame. Super Scoop! aim to create a positive flow through the media industry and positively influence the youth of this generation, sparking a new, updated interest in the everyday lives of those living in the spotlight. The plan is for the company to grow and flourish – from website channel, to television and possibly radio.

The product of this company is the news it provides, and the service is to provide relevant information regarding celebrity news. The channel will feature a carousel of familiar hosts with a friendly face, who will be the providers of the news to the public. It will be set in it’s very own studio, with a prominent colourful theme. Other social media services will be available if the audience has anything to contribute, and feedback from viewers will be featured every week.  July 2018 will be the time of the freshest news channel the UK has yet to see.


About Super Scoop!

Super Scoop! Is a fresh new news channel set to broadcast the hottest celebrity stories across the British nation. Kicking off with a soon to be bang in the summer of 2018, Super Scoop hopes to revolutionise the world of celebrity based news and bring a new light to the industry. Achievements are set to be made due to their positive twist. Their mission is to create a new idea of what a celebrity news channel should look like. A celebrity news channel should be positive, colourful, and leave the audience feeling happy or happier than they originally were. It should aim to create a good influence, and Super Scoop! aims to fill this criteria.


Company’s official name: Super Scoop!

Contact person: Anne-Marie Weiss

Telephone number: ***********

Business email address:

Website address:



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