Graphic Narrative – My Idea Explained

Idea Generation:

My idea for my graphic narrative is a photo set. This photo set will focus on the idea of superpowers, and how superpowers don’t need to be a supernatural physical advantage – they are just an accentuated asset, and anyone could a be a superhero in their own way. To demonstrate this story I will take a set of around 6-12 photographs. They will be set into pairs in a vertical alignment. The left photo will be a long shot photograph of a person posing in a superhero stance, e.g with their hands raised in fists. The second picture will be a high definition close up of the figure’s face, and over the top their will be a graphic of a superhero mask entailing that individual’s superpower. For example, if the person’s superpower is intelligence, the mask will emphasise that e.g with a question mark pattern. The background will be completely black allowing for the figure to stand out more and look more professional.  I later decided that both these photos will be edited in black and white as this is more effective and looks better in contrast to the bright colours of the masks. For the narrative element, I will write captions about the concept of the idea in between photo set pairs. I have written a general script idea on the scans I have uploaded. The design of the narrative element will be in comic caption box style, with italic black wording and a black border. The colour of the box will be the colour of the masks, to accentuate the graphic element.

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Design Orientation:

My idea will be photography and digital based. The photography will be well lit and the quality of the photos will be high definition. The art style of the mask will be graphic comic style, using tools from software to add shade and definition to the graphic of the mask, e.g the burn tool will make the mask look more 3D, or different shades of one colour to add shadow. The software I will be using is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I will use Photoshop to edit and arrange the photographs, and Illustrator to design the masks. I will then transfer the designs on Illustrator to Photoshop.

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The media that would use my graphic narrative are likely to be places that feature art and poetry. Some places it could be seen are in magazines, internet formats such as social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram), and illustration sites.

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The cost of this production should be free as I will use college provided resources and sites. The resources I will use are a camera, tripod, lighting, a black background, SD card, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and the college photo studio. I will need to ask for access to equipment and the studio from the college, and I will fill out a form in order to be granted this. I will represent everyone fairly and hopefully will feature both girls and boys in order to give a fair representation. The time it will take to conduct the photo shoot should hopefully not be too long, up to an hour at the maximum and I will do this when all participants and facilities are free, either in lesson or break time.

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