Marketing and Public Relations Plan – Task 4


Company overview

What is your company’s:

  • Brand values
  1. Honesty – tell your audience the truth, real stories, don’t lie about celebrities, be honest with your employees.
  2. Integrity – be moral and uphold your principles, stick to them and stick together as a company.
  3. Respect – Treat your employees fairly, respect them, respect your audience and respect the celebrities – treat them with respect they are due.
  4. Persistence – Strive to succeed, don’t slack and keep working to achieve your goals- for example be respectful but if your company wishes to interview a celebrity, show that you value the opportunity.
  5. Positivity – Create stories that will have a positive influence and make the audience feel glad to hear – promote peace and don’t stir up gossip.
  • Brand personality

The personality of the brand is spritely and open minded. The brand is positive, up beat and bubbly, and as a brand they are accepting and non biased. The information/stories shared aim to be positive and to have a good influence on the audience, so as a person they are likely to be the ‘glass half full’ kind of people. The brand is chirpy, loud, and colourful. The colours of the brand would be multi coloured – red, orange, yellow, green, pink/purple and blue, to emphasise the fun and happy element of the brand. It reflects creativity and positivity which are the main qualities of the brand personality.

  • Vision

The brand vision is to revoultionise the world of celebrity news and create positive, indisputable good influence throughout the media and society.

What is the product/service you are promoting?

  • A celebrity news channel named Super Scoop!

What is the single most important benefit for your customer?

  • That they are positively influenced by the our company and the content we produce.

What is the launch date of your service/product?

  • July 2018

Company objectives

1.  To gain a following of over 50,000 people by December 2018 – allowing 6 months for initial following.

2. To reduce the cost of budget by 10% by July 2019.  Allows a year for profit increase and reduction of expenses.

3. To expand streaming from the UK to Europe by 2020.

4.  To expand my brand’s product to the radio sector by 2022.


Write a short description of what you intend to do for the following.

  •  Press Release

For my press release I will write in third person to the press about how my celebrity channel Super Scoop! will be launched in the July of 2018, broadcasting from a London studio and it will offer a new take on the celebrity news channel market, and also inform the press on how it will stand out from the others. Our brand will tell the press how unmissable it will be and that it is set to change the world of celebrity news through the positive theme and vision it has, how it hopes to revolutionise the image of celebrity news as it reflects the good, non scandalous side of Hollywood and creates a strong connectivity between brand and audience. We will also inform the press on how the readers can access the channel and promote the website so if readers take to it they know where to find the brand.

  • Promotional Events

For my promotional event our brand will conduct a series of flash mobs around the UK. We will gain paid volunteers to promote Super Scoop! by performing flash mobs in city centres around the UK, such as Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, London, Nottingham and more. The flash mobs shall engage the public and reflect the personality of the brand in an appealing manner. The personality of the brand is upbeat and chirpy so performing flash mobs and engaging the public in dancing reflects this vibe and creates a positive image for the brand. In addition to this, at the location of these flash mobs there will be tents set up selling ice cream. This is a nice addition to the flash mob as its a generous energy boost, and also plays along with the ice cream scoop theme so makes the brand appear more memorable.

  • Social Media

For my social media strategy our brand will set up public social media accounts on the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. On these platforms we shall show behind the scenes of our content, live event streaming, the hosts meeting the celebrities (the hosts will remain the same in order to create a familiarity and relatable presence with the audience), interaction between brand and audience on their opinions and what they want to see on the channel and also quizzes. On Facebook, we will focus on updating on when the brand is broadcasting and sowing the behind the scenes, and also quizzes and other similar fun activities. On Twitter the brand will focus on updates and polls, as these are shorter kinds of posts which is relevant for Twitter. On Instagram, our brand will bring insight to behind the scenes of the brand and relevant places our team will visit, such as premieres and studios. On Snapchat, we will show the more relaxed, fun side of our brand and provide an ‘uncut’ insight to make the brand appear more laid back and relatable to the audience.

  • Billboard

Because my channel is named Super Scoop! my idea for my idea revolves around ice cream which is a consistent symbolism theme throughout my brand. There will be a digital graphic of an ice cream cone, and the ice cream itself will be the brand logo on top. It will be on a mint/pale blue background, and there will be text in black bold next to it on the left side reading, ‘Get The Ultimate Scoop’. The writing will be large and bold for maximum impact, and the consistent theme of ice cream will emphasise and create a strong brand image. The use of a pun also is a good way to create memorability and has a chance of making the audience laugh which gives the brand a good image and reputation.

  • Brand strategy

For my brand strategy, I will need to come up with a strategy for purpose, consistency, and emotional impact. The purpose I will use as an outstanding strategy is identifiability and positive influence. I will make my brand relatable to the audience and regularly connect with them so that it creates a sense of familiarity between the brand and the audience. I will also conduct my brand to be positive and have positive impact on my audience by featuring purely positive news that isn’t gossip orientated, and based on positive facts. For consistency I will consistently keep a theme of ice cream scoops through my brand, and the theme of my brand will be reflected in all of our produce and marketing – positivity. I will also be consistent with colour scheme which will be the same shades of multi colours. And finally for brand strategy, my emotional impact element will be connectivity with my audience by creating the sense that they are part of the brand. To do this our brand will ask for their opinion through comments and social media, and feature what they say on the channel. This way they feel inclusion and are more likely to be emotionally inclined to the brand.


 From now to launch date provide a time line of your plan (when will what happen)





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