Social Media Analysis 2 – E! News


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 1.27.23 PM.png

  • They have 9.7 million likes and 9.6 million people follow their posts. (following means seeing their posts in your news feed – you can like their page but not see what they post if preferred).
  • They post about celebrity news, such as drama and events, and their posts frequently link to their website where the blog post regarding the news is sourced.
  • Their brand voice is informal and personal in the same way as Clevver News – as you can see from the screenshot, they use youthful slang to identify with their audience, and use words such as ‘duh’ and ‘omg’.  Their tone is light and chatty so as to appeal to their audience and present their posts as engaging.
  • They post very frequently, about every hour or so. They are consistent and post daily in order to stay relevant to their audience and keep their attention.
  • They gain around 100-700 likes per post, which in ratio to their amount of likes is not a lot but they gain more interaction than Clevver News. They gain around 70-300 comments per post depending on the topic, which matches well with their like figures. Each post gets a different amount of shares, ranging from as little as 6 to as much as 700. This all depends on the topic and how relevant it is.
  • They don’t feature any interactive games such as polls or contests on their Facebook page.


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 1.48.21 PM.png

  • They have 10.8 million followers, and they are following 121 thousand accounts. This is a good ratio and it means that they have a lot of influence via their Twitter platform.
  • Their Twitter mirrors their Facebook posts in some ways – the style of content is the same, and each post features a twitter card that links to their website blog post. However, some of the content is different and it sometimes features content that is not on their Facebook page.
  • Their Twitter posts gain around 10-30 retweets, 20-60 favourites, and around 5-40 replies on average.
  • No engagements stand out above the others, and there are no lists. They do not run Twitter chats either.
  • They do not use any hashtags like Clevver News does, but they do occasionally retweet tweets that feature hashtags.
  • They use Twitter cards for links to their blog, but they do not use them for lead generation or email sign ups.


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 2.06.31 PM.png

  • They have 7.6 million followers and are following 737 accounts – this ratio indicates that they have a lot of influence over this platform.
  • Their posts are on brand in terms of that they post about celebrities and pop culture, but they rarely feature their own brand. Their content is nor lifestyle orientated or service showing – they feature content that is related to their brand that would appeal to their audience.
  • They don’t feature hashtags often, but they do it is hashtagging their own brand or if something prominent is featured in their post.
  • In their photos they tag other accounts if they are featured, and they always shout out the photographer or the company that took the photo.


Screenshot 2017-02-26 at 2.23.20 PM.png

  • Their video content is on brand and mirrors their website content – it is all about pop culture and features content such as drama, and event coverage. They don’t tend to show off company parties or happy hours, but they do however stream their live coverage.
  • They have far less of a base on their YouTube channel as opposed to Clevver or their other social media – they have 170,000 subscribers, whereas Clevver and their other social media has millions of followers.
  • They usually gain from 1000 to 20,000 views per video. They gain around a 5-40 comments, and the tone is usually positive. On average, they gain around 100 likes and about 5-20 dislikes.
  • They have no related channels, but they do feature their other channels, E! Entertainment and E! Live. This means that from this page you cannot see how the YouTube algorithm categorises them as a channel.

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