Brand Identity – Clevver News

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Clevver News YouTube channel

ClevverNews (@ClevverNews) | Twitter

Clevver News logo


Bright but cool colours, such as blue, purple, white and a small amount of black, which reflect that the channel is all about fun but also has a relaxed, chilled out theme. This implies also that the channel is an easy watch and simple to engage in.

The logo is simple but bold – the colours are light blue, white and black, which reflects a chilled theme. The text is bold, simple, easy to read and is in capitals. This implies that the brand is simple to engage with but has bold, big deal kind of themes that tell their audience that their news is vital, don’t-miss-out-on knowledge. The text in the logo is presented in a speech bubble, which implies that the channel features gossip, and is something worth talking about.

They use graphics in their thumbnails to draw the attention of the audience, e.g the red lightning bolt.


The personality of the Clevver News brand is quite loud and bubbly, and if they were a person they would be bold, talkative and expressive. The channel’s personality is presented as fun, laid back because of the chilled colours and theme but also quite intense because of the unmissable news theme. The personality could also be described as upbeat, but can also take a serious note depending on the story. The reason the channel may convey this is because that kind of personality appeals to their young audience as is identifiable.


The culture of Clevver News would be the stereotypical American teenager lifestyle, with themes of making the best of being young, a loud lifestyle that is very media and celebrity based, and being part of the cool cliche circle. The culture style is very bold and colourful, and has a summer vibe which is reflected in the channel cover photo of their YouTube channel. Their principles seem to be about being with the in-crowd and being a confident sort of person, and seems to be aimed at more expressive people and culture rather than shy and reserved.


The relationship between Clevver News and their audience is very engaging. They are constantly in touch with their audience and asking for their views on topics, for example asking for them to leave comments on opinions and reviews etc. and presenting themselves as an engaging company with their audience. They have a communicative relationship with their audience, which allows for them to give off an identifiable persona. This kind of engagement also reflects the chatty, popular, and youthful kind of theme that they present.


The reflection Clevver News has on it’s audience is that it gives off confident vibes to it’s viewers and encourages popularity and self expression. It is educational so it reflects knowledge about what is going on in the media and celebrity world to it’s audience, so the viewers are better educated. In addition to this, by asking for the opinions of the viewers on different topics, it allows for the self expression and also diversity of perspective.

Self Image:

Through using the Clevver News brand, a viewer may have a certain self image. The brand has a primarily feminine demographic as it features celebrities which is a stereotypical interest of women more than men. Their self image may also be confident in their mannerisms and speech, and also bold in their expressions. They are independent and aspire to reach the celebrity level, and are sure of themselves. They are typically popular and have a loud personality, and in addition to this are likely to have a large group of friends. Somebody that watches a celebrity news channel are likely to be labelled as being a cliche popular girl that wears colourful clothes, likes to party and gossip to her friends. This is not always the case, but is a common association between a brand such as Clevver News and their audience.

Deconstruction of channel features: 

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  • Lots of subscribers – over 3 million
  • Cool but bright colours emphasise fun theme
  • Bold text, logos and graphics
  • Long video titles sometimes featuring capitals to highlight importance and grab audience attention
  • Always features the celebrity the story is about in the thumbnail image
  • Uses red graphics on the thumbnails to stand out
  • Has a list of featured channels, which are the other Clevver channels and channels owned by Defy Media (the parent company of Clevver News), such as Clevver Style and Screen Junkies
  • Consistent daily uploading
  • Video and audio quality is a high professional standard
  • Presenters are professional and are obviously qualified for their job
  • Presenters are young and typically attractive
  • Video length around 1-5 minutes
  • Some videos are longer and can stretch from 10-40 minutes, though these are only occasional
  • They feature playlists and there is a discussion section (these only appear on a channel if there is this form of content available)

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