Target Audience Report

For our marketing project, we are studying and preparing for the launch of a new celebrity news channel. Our target audience is young people from the age of approximately 15-30. The gender of our target audience is mixed, but depending on who it features the gender base may be different. In general, it is primarily aimed at girls given the celebrity factor, but if the channel featured celebrities that stereotypically would engage the male audience, such as action movie actors or sportsmen, you could say the target audience could be boys too. The occupation of our stereotypical target audience is likely to be a student, as the celebrity world is conventionally appealing to those of the younger demographic, so teenagers and people at work up to the age of approximately around 30.

Psycho-graphically, people buy into brands like celebrity news channels because they find the channel relatable through the presenters and also want to find out about celebrity lifestyle, maybe because they feel they want to relate to celebrities in some way, and often celeb news channels provide this for them. They may return to a particular brand if they can relate to it or find the mannerisms of the brand appealing, and not return if they feel they cannot relate on a level. The lifestyle of the typical target audience member is likely to be very media orientated, and are likely to be an active user of social media and have an appreciation of technology. The types of entertainment they are likely to engage in is media such as film and TV, particularly reality TV shows.


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