SWOT For Our Celebrity News Channel


  • Because it’s new it has a fresh and untainted reputation, no mistakes have been made that could hinder it.
  • It’s new so all content made can be relevant to our audience’s interests, and can feature people our audience want the scoop about instead of outdated news.
  • There is a space on the market for a new celebrity news channel with new ideas and ways of entertaining.
  • Our target demographic – young people – make up a huge percentage of our society so a celebrity news channel is likely to gain a substantial audience because we are aiming at a large, not-so niche target audience.
  • Basing our channel on YouTube allows for a huge amount of accessibility internationally as YouTube is a universally used service, so gaining a substantial audience is easier through YouTube than other channel services.


  • Because our channel features other people, and those people are widely known, the channel is more susceptible to getting into trouble because they may get on bad terms with celebrities, especially if put in bad perspective.
  • Other celebrity news channels are quite big so it may be difficult for a new channel to grow because other companies over power them.
  • Information of celebrities can be found very easily, so what will make a person tune into your channel instead?
  • Channels cost money, so if the channel fails that is a loss of profit. This is also a threat.


  • If the channel becomes really successful that can mean big amounts of profit.
  • A new channel allows for a new leaf of ideas on how to engage your audience, and a chance to make your channel different from the rest. You can look at other channels to see what they have not got which you could, so this allows for fresh ideas and relevance.
  • Because the channel is new it allows for more relevant methods and information, which is likely to gain an audience if your channel is not outdated and is relevant.
  • Because the channel is new it could mean that other companies are willing to pair up or sponsor, or grant opportunities for, because it is fresh and upcoming.
  • Because it is new the audience research will be more reliable as it will be more up to date, so knowing what your audience will want from your channel is a lot easier and more beneficial to the company.


  • Other channels could continue to be significantly more successful than the new channel resulting in the new channel being overshadowed and not gaining enough substantial profit.
  • A presenter could be rude or a channel broadcast could go sour, resulting in a lack of growth for the channel or the reputation of the channel is tainted.
  • A channel may not be aware of certain regulations when it comes to their business, and accidentally break a regulation resulting in negativity, or even a court case for the channel.
  • If the channel brings no originality and has nothing different to offer than the other celebrity news channels, it’s unlikely the channel will grow much of a base because the style isn’t new and the audience will stay diverted to the other channels, leading to a lack of revenue for the channel.

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