SWOT Analysis 2 – Clevver News


  • In total over all platforms, Clevver News has over 11 million subscribers/users, which grants them a huge amount of influence and revenue.
  • On their YouTube channel, they have over 3 million subscribers, which again allows for them to have a big amount of influence and revenue.
  • Their YouTube channel has over 2 billion views which means that their content has broadcasted on a large scale, which means more profit.
  • On their YouTube channel they consistently upload – since May 30th 2010 when their channel was first launched and they first uploaded,  they have uploaded over 11,000 videos, and upload multiple times every day. The advantage of uploading so consistently is their channel stays relevant because of how much they produce as a company, and it also gives them a lot of influence. They will gain a lot of profit especially as they are using relevant platforms such as YouTube and a relevant, up to date website, and also other social media.
  • Clevver Media (who are in charge of Clevver News) are owned by a larger company, Defy Media. Defy Media own multiple smaller media products including Clevver Media, such as Smosh, Smosh Games, Shut Up! Cartoons, Screen Junkies, The Escapist, Teen, Gurl, The Gloss, and Crushable.


  • Sometimes they upload things that are irrelevant and have a very niche audience, which could mean that they don’t gain as many views as they potentially could do. For example, not as many people would watch a video about ‘ 5 Facts About the Dance Moms Cast’ as much as an Ed Sheeran interview for example. This is a threat as well as a weakness.
  • They can be quite tacky in their presentation and annoying.
  • They exaggerate some of their stories, for example saying ‘Bella Thorne Gets ATTACKED By One Direction Fans’. This is also known as clickbait which brings the reputation of a channel down and also leads to disappointment for the audience if they are expecting a much wilder story.
  • They don’t expand much on what they feature – it is always about the same handful of A list celebrities, which leads to a lack of variety of content. They potentially are missing out on other users because they stick to the same people to make content about, which is also a threat to their channel if this cause a lack of subscribers.


  • Their audience can grow ever bigger – they have 3 million YouTube subscribers already, so they have a substantial enough base to be able to expand with ease.
  • Through new technological advancements and new social media platforms, they can expand and reach more of their audience and therefore gain more profit.
  • The bigger their channel grows, the more recognition and credibility they have – if they grow big enough they could take part in live events, such as movie premieres and top interviews.
  • Because their channel is based on YouTube, this makes them internationally accessible for viewers which gives them huge opportunity to grow even more.
  • If their company grows big enough they could join up as a conglomerate with other companies or merge with other companies, such as E! News.
  • If they grow more global they could become a multinational, with YouTube bases in more than one country instead of only broadcasting from America.


  • If they continue to only upload about the same small handful of A list celebrities, their audience may become uninterested and their subscriber count could go down due to lack of variety.
  • If they are broadcasting and things get out of hand, such as aggressive behaviour, swearing, or any other significant mistake, it could damage the reputation which could set them back in terms of profit.
  • If a video contains serious information about a celebrity that is found to be untrue, they could get in serious trouble and the celebrity could sue them. This could lead to big fines and a lack of public respect.
  • If they went to a movie premiere they could get in a sour interview or may accidentally cause damage.
  • Someone could make up lies about the company which could damage the reputation of the company and lead to skeptical opinion from the public. For instance, a person could accuse Clevver News of unreliable sources or intrusiveness in an interview.

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