News Channel Questionnaire + Results

Celebrity News Channel Questionnaire 

  1. What is your age group?
  • 16-23
  • 24-30

Corey: 16-23

Carmen: 16-23

Dan:  16-23

2. What gender are you?

  • Male
  • Female

Corey: Male

Carmen: Female

Dan: Male

3. What kind of information is relevant to you in the celebrity world?

Corey: News that is of good quality, positive, relevant scandals

Carmen: Movies, tour dates, updates, only scandals if they’re relevant

Dan: Promo for films, generally seeing celebs on the show

4. Why would you take interest in a celebrity news channel?

Corey: Finding out info, up to date about movies and other things

Carmen: Relevant info about celeb work and careers

Dan: Comedy

5. Have you heard of/ watch any other celebrity news channels? If so, which ones?

Carmen: MTV news

Corey: Top Gears Star in a reasonably priced car

Dan – Graham Norton

6. What colours would you associate with a celebrity news channel?

Corey: Blue and green

Carmen: Purple, pink, neon

Dan: Red blue gold

7. What ways of advertising appeal to you most?

Carmen: Product placement

Corey: Subtle and entertaining advertisement

Dan: Comedy

8. What would make a celebrity news channel stand out to you?

Corey: Entertaining, good questions asked, engaging

Carmen: Not tacky, good hosts

Dan – Informal chat

9. Would you be willing to pay for a celebrity news channel subscription, and if so, how much?

Corey: If it was worth the money, a fiver

Carmen: £2

Dan – If it was often, 10p a day for an annual subscription

 10. What time of day are you most likely to tune into a celebrity news channel?

Corey – Afternoon, evening

Carmen –  Night time, 9pm approx.

Dan – Evening


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