Competitor SWOT Analysis – E! News


  • They are seen as very popular and influential, they have around 23 million users over various media bases which allows a broad audience to cast their data upon, and this also means they gain a large amount of revenue so the company has lot of money, and is therefore stronger as a brand.
  • The company is also ‘heralded for its groundbreaking live-event coverage of awards shows, major entertainment news and movie premieres.’ This gives them more credibility and fame as it means more recognition. (About Us – E! News page)
  • They gain a lot of views and recognition, with ‘more than 58 million cross-platform video views per month.’ This is a strength for them as it grants them a huge amount of possible influence. (About Us – E! News page)
  • Cross platforms mean that they can gain a larger following which therefore means they have more influence and can gain more revenue.
  • More than 1300 videos across the nation (UK) are consumed every minute which again, allows for a bigger footprint and influence so therefore more revenue for the brand.
  • E! News is part of E! Entertainment Television which airs in 150 countries so it gains a huge amount of recognition.
  • ‘E! network is part of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.’ this means that they have influence on a global scale which means more power to the company. (About Us – E! News page)


  • Some of their broadcasts are quite irrelevant and unimportant – not many people will tune into a story about ‘Beyonce Goes On a Shopping Spree’ as much as other more important stories, for example if a celebrity got engaged.
  • Some of their broadcasts are unreliable – for example, the caption ‘Are Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa Feuding?’ suggests that they are just speculating which is not very reliable, and if they are wrong they could get in trouble with the celebrities if they suggest anything derogatory.
  • The presenters can sometimes be annoying leading to disinterest from the audience.
  • Some of their stories can be boring leading to a lesser view count.
  • They sometimes present the celebrities as though they are not real people – making small stories out to be ‘scandalous’ which puts the celebrity in a position where they may feel they have to be perfect and not human. This also raises the public expectation unfairly.
  • They can be intrusive – sometimes their stories can be intrusive on the celebrity and harassment may have been involved to gain this information – for example, the title ‘Inside Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s Valentine’s Day’ shows that they can be sometimes disrespectful of privacy.


  • Their 23 million users could expand – the channel could grow in popularity even more so leading to more opportunities, which gives them more power and influence over their user base.
  • The more live event coverage and major news they do, the further up the ranks they go and they can grow to cover bigger and bigger topics. For example, if they did a small movie event coverage, the next time they do event coverage it could be a bigger blockbuster movie premiere.
  • Because they have a cross-platform service, they have more platform to their users which means they have more influence, and they can use the different functions of different media platforms to make their company more appealing to the audience.
  • Because of the amount of videos that are watched every minute (1300 in the UK) they can have more influence and the more content watched, the more likely they are to gain more users.
  • Because they are streamed in 150 countries, they have chance to be given opportunities from different company’s on a global scale.
  • As their company grows, they gain more money which means they have more potential and they could own more products or other services.


  • If they are broadcasting live and a presenter becomes rude or an interview goes sour, it could damage their reputation.
  • If people find their stories to be untrue or biased, they could tune off because it is unreliable and choose a different channel to watch instead. This could seriously damage their business.
  • If they release anything that is damaging to a celebrity or person, they could go to court and have to pay huge fines in damage repair, which is a serious setback and could severely damage the reputation of the company.
  • If they are intrusive or rude, they could be banned from events such as live coverage and movie premieres, which would be a huge setback for them.
  • Mistakes and errors made on social media such as hacking might cause public confusion and/or disapproval.

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