Charlotte Church Phone Hacking

What happened in this case?

In this case, a news company known as News Group Newspapers invaded the personal privacy of a singer named Charlotte Church at the age of 16 for the newspaper News of the World in 2002. Private investigators and detectives sought after voice mails, private messages, and even medical history through hacking which was the cause of 33 articles in the newspaper. They also coerced her into giving an in depth interview regarding her mental health, which she felt forced to agree on and the company seemed to have no regard for her privacy.

In court, the company apologised for severe act of privacy invasion which was further published, but Charlotte and her family felt it was insincere and that they weren’t actually sorry, that they were only sorry that they had been caught. £600, 000 was fined for the damage done by the company.

Who hacked the phone?

What was the outcome?


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