Skim and Scan Reading 2 – The Advertising Handbook

Describe the article in as much detail as you can after SKIM reading

  • Advertisers decided to focus on gaining the audience’s attention than selling their product. This received backlash from critics.
  • Some examples of companies that have used this method to gain an audience are Tango and Mazda.
  • However, more companies took to this idea, and tried to challenge TV advert conventions and used ‘real people’.
  • Advertisers now want to use savvy methods of gaining attention, and do this by using even more new media technologies.
  • In the 80s-90s advertisers tried to gain popularity by parodying advertisement.

Describe what you think are the three key points after SCAN reading

  • Over time advertising has become more focused on getting consumers to admire a company’s advertising techniques rather than sell the product, which has faced criticism.
  • Debate over effective advertisement rose and in the 80’s and 90’s they tried different methods to gain the consumers approval
  • Recently the possibility of interactive advertisement has opened up and research has been made

Now that you have read the article in DETAIL, explain what the article is about

The article explains advertising methods used in the past. It says that in the past, advertisement has suffered and the effectiveness of adverts declined in the 1980’s and 1990’s. In recent years advertisers have focused on gaining the audiences attention rather than persuading them to buy into their brand. This is because advertisers believed that the main priority was to provide a unique advert that made their product look original. But this got backlash and crtitics were saying that its no longer about persuading people to want your product, but to make them admire your advertising instead. They also suggested that in advertising the product comes second and the advertising comes first.

This debate on effective advertising became more heated in the 80’s and 90’s because of the fluctuation of money concerns. Agencies would try to get planners and researchers to convince the public that their adverts were effective, but at this point the public had become more savvy about buying into brands. Judie Lannon was the person to point this out in 1993. Since then, agencies have tried different methods of involving the audience in their advertising. For example, in 1994, Tango tried to sell themselves by asking consumers to ring in if they had seen anyone pushing a pirated version of the brand. Another example of this was Mazda who invited viewers to turn the sound up on their television sets to hear the sales message.

In recent years, advertisement has become more invested in new media technologies because it opened up the possibility of interactive advertisement, such as choose what sort of advertisements they’d like to view. Research has been made which suggested that if an advert was interactive it should ‘stimulate and not reflect the consumer’.


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