Delish Packaging Evaluation

For this unit I designed three packaging designs for an artisan savoury cracker company called Delish. I used the program Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to create these three packaging designs, and presented them to the lady representing Delish.


A problem I came across whilst designing my packaging was using the the tools available. I found Photoshop difficult to use because I had little experience with it so understanding how each tool worked and what effect they had on my design was difficult at times. I solved this by trying all of the tools out and undoing what functions I did not want so I therefore understood the program better. Another problem I encountered was the macs freezing up occasionally whilst designing my packaging. To resolve this problem I saved my designs consistently whilst creating them so that if the mac froze up I could shut down and restart the mac without losing any progress or unsaved work.

I could improve my designs by choosing softer colours, for example in my second design the background layer colours which were purple and blue they compliment each other well but would look better  if the colours were softer. In addition I could make the text less tacky and more professional like.

Response to feedback

The lady from Delish gave feedback for each of my designs, with a pro and a con for each. For my first design she liked the photographic background, and also the handwritten font and logo. However for this design she did not like the fish aperture. For my second design, she liked the design as a whole. However she would change a few things such as exchanging the flame graphic for a surf spray graphic and use an alternative seaweed graphic to be kelp or coral. For my third design she liked the overall design, especially the ‘under the sea’ effect. However given the graphic mermaid includes over four colours, it could not be included if it were to be produced as this would be a cost implication due to the amount of ink needed.

Creative ability 

Personally I think I did well in creating my designs. My technical skills could have been better which I could of improved with a little more experience and instruction, but overall given the limited skills I had I think my designs turned out fairly well. If I researched each tool and how it worked I could have used them more effectively, but the tools I did use gave me an advantage in designing my packaging. I think I was quite creative with my designs, as I used different ideas to represent one flavour instead of an individual for three different flavours. I chose unconventional ways to reflect the flavour rather than using images/graphics that were the product itself, which shows creativity in representaion. I also used a range of colours that suited the product.

Finished Product

Final Design 1

For my first design I constructed it the way I did because I wanted to reflect the seaside/ocean element of Spicy Cornish Seaweed. Firstly I reflected it by using a photographic background of the sea. I decided to use a photograph instead of a digital design or solid colour because I thought this would make the package stand out more and look more professional, so therefore it would be more visually pleasing. I also decided to construct it with a fish aperture because I thought that it would be a good idea to show the product inside so that if the design were to be used on the shelf, customers could see the product they were buying. I used text that was a similar colour to the background so that it would not clash, but chose colours that were readable and noticeable against the background. The colours I chose were cream, and for some of the text I used the overlay layer style. The logo and flavour font were designed in InDesign with the paint tool, which I used for all three design ideas. I chose to do this because that way the logo and flavour font design would be more creative and individual, rather than a duller, pre-made font.

Technically I think the design looks good, but could be improved if I used a wider range of tools because if I did this it would look more professional.

What’s visually pleasing about this design is the colours are all soft and not too harsh to the eye. The photographic background is also a plus, as it adds quirk and has a modern vibe.

Final Design 2

For my second design I constructed it the way I did because I wanted to reflect the spice and the seaweed combination in Spicy Cornish Seaweed. I reflected this through the graphic design of the flame and the seaweed, which I decided to use to represent the combination. Technically I think this looked good as it didn’t look tacky and the images looked suitable overlaying. For the background I chose two complimenting colours that were separate to the graphic design – dark purple and light blue. In the design the purple has turned out darker than originally intended, however still suits the design well enough so technically it looks okay. The text I used were the same blue and purple as used for the background, but the blue was on the purple background and vice versa. I also added drop shadow in order for the text to stand out from the packaging, and so it was easily readable. Technically this was done well and looks effective.

What’s visually pleasing about this design idea in particular is that the design is bold which means that it stands out against other products on the shelf, and the colours compliment each other well.

Final Design 3

For my third design I constructed it the way I did because I wanted to create an alternative design to represent the seaweed in Spicy Cornish Seaweed. I decided to reflect this through the graphic design of a mermaid, who is a common mythical feature of the ocean, which relates to the flavour of Spicy Cornish Seaweed. Technically I think this part turned out well as it compliments the colour of the background and also the rest of the design, and the complex design of it contrasts the simplicity of the rest of the front section. The background is an ocean blue with some sections showing an underwater view of the sea, which has an added overlay effect. I designed it this way because it reflects the ocean theme and also in a way gives the mermaid graphic a habitat. Technically I think this looks good because it looks soft but bold and the text stands out against it so it’s readable.

What’s visually pleasing about this design in particular is the bright colours which stand out, but are not too loud. It’s colourful which will attract customers and the logo is aesthetically pleasing.


In comparison to the existing professional artisan style designs on the market, my designs have similarities They are similar in some ways – they include the standard text, slogans and food related symbols (e.g. bar code and recycle) and graphic designs e.g. the mermaid design. However in comparison they are different. Some differences are that typical artisan products on the market nowadays don’t include brighter colours like in my designs. They also don’t typically have bold logo designs – they usually include smaller, thinner fonts. In my design, my logo is bold and eye catching so that the customer can easily recognise the brand off the shelf and so that the brand appears more fun, so therefore more appealing.

My designs compare differently with my original intentions in some aspects, but have still turned out well. For all my ideas, my original intention was that the box would be a different shape, more like a pouch. Instead the box is more oblong which is an improvement as the box would then be more durable. There would be a sticker on all three of my designs stating the flavour, but this idea was ditched due to size. Instead I used a font which I designed myself, which is better as it is clearer and makes the designs look more exciting.

In my first idea, what is different is that the fish aperture is vertical. My original intention was that it would be horizontal, but due to the box proportions it had to be changed to be vertical. This is an improvement as it allows for more product to be shown through the aperture.

In my second idea, the seaweed and flame graphic is different as my original intention was for it to be larger, but due to box proportions and the placement of the flavour font it turned out smaller than expected. However this is an improvement as it means that you can see what flavour it is easier and the design in general looks more visually pleasing.

In my third idea, my original intention was for there to be a square/rectangular aperture to show the product and the mermaid graphic would be sitting on top of it, as though the aperture were a rock. However this is different in comparison to my original intention as in my final idea there is no aperture, just the mermaid in the middle. There is no aperture due to the proportions of the box design, and the original idea would not work as well. However the final version is better as it shows the mermaid graphic better.



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