Meeting Minutes

First Meeting: 27/09/16 

Members present: Carmen Earnshaw, Tarrin Vane, Chloe Woollacott, Emily Gagen

For the first meeting I was not part of the group, but Carmen’s advert proposal was chosen out of the group. It was chosen because it was the most achievable and involved the most realistic amount of work load without being too much and being overbearing. Each member of the group had a different idea of what product to advertise – Emily’s advert was a Dove advert, Chloe’s was a chocolate bar and Tarrin’s idea was a Lynx spray. In addition to this during this meeting our group discussed ways of communication such as Facebook and Skype, ideas of location for the advert, costume, and an actress who could be involved in our advert which was to be arranged by Tarrin.

Second Meeting: 4/10/16

Members present: Carmen Earnsaw, Tarrin Vane, Chloe Woollacott, Emily Gagen, Anne-Marie Weiss

At this point I was part of the group and joined this meeting. In this meeting we talked about what potential challenges we could face throughout production. For example, ideas for this we came up with are time management and weather. Time management could be a problem if our work schedules and out of college ideas clash, or if an actress is unavailable on the day of filming. However this problem could be solved or avoided if there was enough communication and everyone in the group was up to date. In addition to this weather problems could be solved or avoided if we planned which day to film and where, and keep up with the weather news to make sure production would not be problematic because of the weather. In addition to this we discussed that it would be appropriate to have back up plans in case any part our production failed.

Third Meeting: 18/10/16

Members present: Carmen Earnshaw, Tarrin Vane, Chloe Woollacott

Unfortunately I was absent for this meeting and Emily joined a different group. In this meeting interpretations of the original idea were proposed. In Chloe’s and Carmen’s advert ideas there was no narrative and focused on visual aesthetic. Tarrin’s idea was voted forward because it had narrative and it was based on the Christmas season which was favourable given the time of year and it fitted the Nina Ricci theme (winter wonderland) who’s adverts inspired Tarrin’s idea.

Tarrin’s idea was very visual and focused on the festive theme. In her advert there would be a woman writing a Christmas card to her boyfriend, who then posts it in a red pillar box but before she does she sprays it with the perfume to add the ‘magic touch’. The advert focuses on romance and a fairy tale, festive aesthetic.

Fourth Meeting: 11/11/16

Members present: Carmen Earnshaw, Tarrin Vane, Chloe Woollacott, Anne-Marie Weiss

In this meeting we altered our original group idea. We decided to film at the college woods instead of St. Marychurch precinct as it was less busy and suited our idea better. We also organised what shots we needed and who would film each one, and discussed the issues with our prop cape which was that it was smaller than we thought it would be, so this was an issue. The original actor for our advert was unavailable so I agreed to take her place in our advert.


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