Final Advert Evaluation

The original idea for the advert was that it would be a Christmas themed perfume advert where a girl writes a Christmas card to her lover. She walks through a beautiful village and posts it, but before she does she sprays it with the perfume to add the magic touch.

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My intentions were for it to follow typical perfume advert conventions, such as a pleasant aesthetic, peaceful music, and with no script. I wanted it to be a laid back and relaxing advert to watch that was not too busy or complex, but also very dramatic and story like. It was to be set in a pretty village such as Babbacombe or St. Marychurch which would be a good setting for aesthetic purposes. I wanted the editing to flow well to match the relaxed theme, so it would include features such as continuous editing and dissolve transitions. I wanted it to have music that matched the pace of the advert well and matched up with the editing. I wanted the music to have a Christmas vibe and to be a beautiful song to emphasise the magical element of the advert, and for the advert to be Christmas themed. This is reflected in my pre production work, such as my storyboard and mood board and also my treatment, which explain visually and through text what my ideas and intentions are for my individual advert idea with regards to editing, music, and the other technical and aesthetic aspects of the advert.

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My final advert has achieved these intentions closely to an extent. Technically, the advert has achieved my original intentions. The elements from my original idea that are consistent in my final advert are the editing and camera work aspects, and also the audio. There are a wide range of shots used and there is continuous editing such as match on action, which enhance the dramatic vibe intended. The music matches the editing and fits the Christmas theme of the advert, and there are transitions that make the advert seem more fantasy like such as the additive dissolve and cross dissolve.

However there were multiple changes to the advert from the original idea. One of them was that originally we had a friend who was going to play the girl in the advert but because she was unavailable on the day as a group we improvised and I played the girl in the advert. Also when we bought the cape used as a prop in our advert it arrived smaller than intended which was a problem, so I was chosen to be the actor in the advert because I fitted it best as I was the smallest in the group. In addition to this the setting for our advert changed which we decided in our third group meeting. Originally the advert was to be set in one of the group members houses and a pretty village such as Babbacombe, but we had trouble with unhappy locals and travel concerns so we changed our plan and used the woods at college for our setting, which changed the overall aesthetic of the advert from village to woodland.

The advert is both stronger and weaker because of these changes. It is stronger because the lighting is consistent and there is already provided air conditioning which added dramatic effect. It is also an advantage that we filmed at the woods instead because we were undisturbed so therefore the filming is better quality and less shaky. In addition to this having the advert filmed in one place means no setting change so it highlights and puts focus on the editing. However the advert could also be considered weaker because of the changes. For example there is less range in terms of setting, and also the advert may make less sense than our original idea because you can’t post letters in a forest and some people may not understand what the girl is doing in the advert.

The quality of the advert technically is good. This is because it flows and is not choppy, due to continuous editing and transitions such as dissolve, for example when the girl turns away with the card. This also makes the advert interesting and gives the illusion that it is shorter than it is so it doesn’t drag on.

Feedback from peers was that the advert is good technically because the editing is done well and fits the theme (e.g the dissolve and fade ins). There is also a wide range of shots used, such as close-ups, over the shoulder shots, mid shots, long shots etc. These are effective and improve the quality of the advert because they make it more detailed and it also makes the advert flow better. They have also suggested that it fits together well, in a well-connected linear structure. Teacher feedback was that it works well because the music fits the pace of the advert and fits the fairytale theme. It was also well cut and the camera work was steady and it the product was clearly advertised, however it would be better with cross dissolve transitions instead of additive dissolve transitions. It would also be better according to teachers if there was a close up of the girls face.

The quality of the advert aesthetically is also good. Feedback from peers was that the aesthetic of the advert is pretty and girly and also simple which was the aim for the advert – to be simple but also pretty. It has been described as girly which is a good thing as the perfume is for girls so it fits the demographic. The factors of the advert that make this advert good are the music is very feminine and pretty sounding. The visuals are also a plus, such as the setting which was woodland area. This is very aesthetically pleasing as it is pretty which also fits into perfume advert conventions. Feedback from teachers were that it fits a fairytale theme which is positive as that is the target theme. In addition to this according to teachers the consistent use of red and gold works well and gives the product a sense of luxury. As well as this the scene of the card being left in the nest reminded a teacher of the film ‘The Lake House’ which would mean if anyone else noticed that they may approve and be persuaded into buying the product.

The advert is effective at promoting the product. According to peers, the advert makes you want to buy the product because the advert is pretty which therefore makes the perfume look desirable to buy. The advert is aesthetically pleasing and makes it look like if you buy the product your day will be just as magical as in the advert. Feedback from teachers were that the fairytale theme was effective at promoting it as it made the project appear more magical to the audience so therefore desirable.

The advert is appropriate for the target audience because it targets and fits the demographic well. The target audience is young women who are not too old, that are looking for a nice cheap perfume. Peers have said that the advert conveys this well through the aesthetical aspects of the advert. Feedback from teachers was that the fairytale red riding hood theme of the advert targets the audience well as it appeals to the younger generation more but can still be recognised by the older generation which makes the advert universally approved.

An advert I was inspired by was the Killer Queen by Katy Perry perfume advert. I was inspired by this advert because I thought the build up of drama throughout the advert through the use of a large number of different shots put together quickly and editing such as the fade to white transitions was effective. This added drama and pace to the advert which I decided to reflect in my own advert, by using lots of shots and focusing on creating a build up through continuous editing and transitions. The advert is far different to mine because it is more professional and longer, and also features a well-known celebrity. However similarities are similar editing and a range of shots, and it features a female character.


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