Process and Production

For my first design, my idea was to have a photography based design that focused on the flavour – Spicy Cornish Seaweed.

The first step I took was importing the net design into Photoshop so that I had a basis to work with.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.05.33.png

Transparent net

I then transformed it so that the design was not transparent, and added a photographic layer of the sea to emphasise the sea theme of spicy Cornish seaweed. To do this I used the magic tool and selected the net design and imported the photograph. I then used Adobe Illustrator to create a logo design. The design was the word ‘Delish’ in a bold and curvy font in the colour cream, which I created with the paint tool. I then copied and pasted the design from Illustrator to Photoshop.  Originally on Illustrator the design was black but I converted it to a cream colour on Photoshop with the colour and layer style function. I then used the layer style function to add a drop shadow manipulation to the logo so that it stood out more and looked softer. I then used the function ‘free transform’ to re scale and place the logo.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 09.32.15.png

Adding the layer style drop shadow to the logo design.


The photographic background and the logo.


The original Delish logo design (a screen grab from later on including later stages).

I then used Illustrator to design the fish aperture with the paint tool. Then, like the logo, I copied and pasted it into Photoshop and used layer style to adjust the colour. Next I used the magic wand to cut out the inner part of the fish so that it was white to highlight that it was an aperture.


The fish design being copied from Illustrator..


…to Photoshop, and then the colour changed with layer style.


The magic wand tool being used to create the aperture.

I then attempted my original idea for the product flavouring which was to have a sticker stating the flavour. When I tried this idea I used the shape tool and created a circle, and filled it with a brown/golden colour as the sticker was intended to be metallic gold. I then used the text tool to write the name of the flavour.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.30.36.png

Previous idea of flavour label.

I then ditched this idea because the sticker was too small and could not be any bigger, and the flavour could not be read very easily. Instead, I decided to design the flavour label in Illustrator in the same style as the logo. I used the paint tool to design the label and copied and pasted it into Photoshop. I designed each word separately so that each word could be placed individually on the design. I changed the colour of the designs to the same colour as the logo design to make the design look more simple and less busy, and used layer style drop shadow to match the logo design. I used the free transform function to re scale and move the design.


Copying and pasting part of the flavour label design.


Copying and pasting part of the flavour name design.


Selecting layer style and drop shadow.


Adjusting the drop shadow on the flavour label design.

I then referred back to the original Delish packaging to see what information needed to be included, and decided to use Illustrator to design a tick for the back of the packaging which would state factors of the product. I used the paint tool to design this and once again copied and pasted it into Photoshop. I then used free transform to re scale it and to move it around the screen.


Copying and pasting the tick design.

Next I added the text, which included ingredients, allergens, descriptions, slogans, methods, and the weight and best before date. I used the bradley hand bold font for all of the text so that the design was consistent and not too busy. I then used layer style to add drop shadow, and changed the style of text to exclusion so that it fitted in with the background but was still readable.


Changing the style of text through layer style.

I then added the extra necessary graphics such as the recycle symbol and bar code. My design was then finished so I saved it as JPEG file and uploaded to wordpress.


Final Design 1

For my second design idea I decided to focus on the combination of the spice and the seaweed part of the flavour. First I imported the same net design as before, and converted it so it wasn’t transparent. I then used the magic wand tool and selected all of the packaging outlines. I then went to edit and fill, and coloured the layer in light blue. I then selected the magic wand tool again and selected specific parts of the packaging net and filled them in with the purple colour. ThI is is because I wanted to have a contrast duo of colours that complimented each other instead of one dull colour or too many bright colours, as this would be more effective and stand out better.

I then copied and pasted the logo design into Photoshop, and used the free transform function to re scale and move the design to its place. I added the drop shadow again through the layer style tool. I then added the flavour label, putting the ‘Spicy’ and ‘Cornish’ at the top. I originally placed the ‘Seaweed’ at the bottom but changed it to be underneath the ‘Spicy’ and ‘Cornish’ instead because I wanted the main graphic design to be at the very bottom of the packaging, as if the flame were sprouting from the base of the box.

I then chose two graphics from google, a flame and seaweed. Originally the flame was going to be a photograph but I could not find a transparent graphic of a flame so both are vector graphics. I imported them both, flame first then the seaweed, and placed them at the base of the front part of the package.

Next I copied and pasted the tick design from Illustrator to Photoshop and placed three of them on the right side of the packaging. I then changed the colour of the tick from black to the same purple as the rest of the packaging.

After this I copied and pasted the text from the previous design, and placed it into the same place as previous. I then changed the colours so that there was purple text on blue background, and blue text on purple background. I added drop shadow to the text through the the layer style function to make the design consistent throughout all three packaging designs. I then added the other necessary graphics as from the previous design – the recycle symbol and bar code – and then my design was finished. I then finally exported it as a JPEG file and the second design idea was complete.


Final Design 2

For my third and final design idea I decided to focus on the sea element of Spicy Cornish Seaweed. To do this I first imported the net from moodle onto Photoshop and converted from transparent, as I did with the previous designs. I then used the magic wand tool and selected the net template, selected edit and fill and chose the sea blue colour which filled in the whole box net.

I then copied and pasted the Delish design logo from Illustrator and placed it in the same place as on my on my previous designs. This is because I wanted the design to be consistent so that the brand would be easily recognisable on a shelf. I then again went to layer style and added the drop shadow effect.

After this I copied and pasted the ‘Spicy’ and ‘Cornish’, and placed them underneath the brand logo. I then placed the ‘Seaweed’ at the base of the front section to leave room for a main graphic design. I added the drop shadow effect to each of them through layer style so that the style would remain comsistent throughout the packaging.

I then chose a mermaid graphic from google with a transparent background and transferred it to Photoshop. I placed it in the center of the front section so that the graphic would stand out and be the main focus of the packaging. I chose the mermaid because she represents the sea theme well of Spicy Cornish Seaweed and the seaweed surrounding her emphasies the flavour.

I then chose a photograph of the ocean with the camera angle facing the sunlight from google and transferred it to Photoshop. I re scaled it and duplicated it over the side sections and the base and the top. I selected them all and changed them all to the overlay effect so that it would be more subtle and allow the focus to be on the mermaid graphic. I also decided to use overlay so that text would be easier to read.

I then used the duplicate function to duplicate the Delish logo design onto the back section of the packaging to empahsise the brand. Because I duplicated it and didn’t copy and paste from Illustrator this time, I did not have to add the drop shadow as it was already in place. It was also already the necessary size as it was duplicated.

The next stage was adding the tick designs which I copied and pasted from Illustrator and changed the colour to white. I then added drop shadow to soften it. After this I copied and pasted the text from previous designs and placed them in the same areas. I then added drop shadow to the text and then finally added the bar code and recycle graphic. The reason all the designs are similar is because I wanted the designs to be consistent so the brand would be distinct and identfiable on a shelf, so the brand would gain more sales.


Final Design 3


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