Pros and Cons – Task 2

For my final design idea I decided to choose my third design idea to develop. This was because my third idea seemed like the best option as it was original and I liked the idea of using photography in my final packaging design as it is partially challenging but also a fun approach. The use of photography on a package makes it stand out and makes it appealing to the audience so it is more favourable than the other ideas. The idea is simple which is effective as it makes the package look more sophisticated and less frantic.

In addition to this, I rejected the other two ideas as they were too complex and busy, and would not appeal to the audience as much as the designs are less original and stand out less. They would also be more significantly challenging to design and it would be better to design a simple package well than design a complicated one badly. To add to this it would be better to reject the other ideas as they would use more colours than my third idea, which would make the package look busy and the colours may clash leading the package to look tacky and juvenile.

The pros of my rejected ideas are:

  • The design ideas are original
  • The material is recyclable which is environmentally friendly and ethical
  • The logo stands out on the package which makes it easily recognisable

The cons of my rejected ideas are:

  • The designs are mildly tacky and too complex, and also make the package look too busy
  • Because the designs are complicated they would be more likely to turn out badly (so its best to stick with the third idea and work harder on it to make it look good)

The pros of my third idea are:

  • It’s original and would look good on a shelf
  • The design is quirky and unique – photography isn’t used as often on food packaging as digital graphics
  • The materials are environmentally friendly and ethical
  • The logo stands out and is easily recognisable
  • The colours would compliment each other well and it wouldn’t be too busy
  • The transparent section shows the package inside, allowing the customers to know what they’re purchasing

The cons of my third idea are:

  • The photograph used might not turn out to look as good as expected
  • The idea may end up being too simple and look boring instead of effective
  • It may look out of place amongst the other Delish products if it’s all photography based

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