Image Manipulation – Task 2


For my three design ideas, I have chosen to use different mediums for each.

For my first design idea I chose to include both photography and digital graphics. This is because a photograph of seaweed would stand out and look more effective on top of a digital graphic than another digital graphic, and would make it look more appealing on the shelf. The combination of digital graphic and photography is unique and looks original on a shelf and makes the product look appealing.

For my second design idea, the medium would be entirely digital graphic based. My reasoning for this is that it is simple which can be effective, as sometimes having more than one medium can be too busy and complex. Digital graphics can be easy to design, and also they look youthful and fun on a package.

For my third design idea, the medium would be completely photography based. This would be because it would look sophisticated and original which would appeal to an audience with a specific lifestyle that would appreciate originality in a product design.

Manipulation Techniques

For my design ideas, I would use a variety of manipulation techniques, such as the crop and erase tools (to cut out bits that are unwanted), the selection tool (to move layers around), the eyedropper tool (to add specific colours from other palettes), the brush tool (to add detail), the clamp stamp tool (to copy and paste details), the gradient tool (to blend more than one colour together), the blur tool (to blur parts of the design), the dodge tool (to lighten parts of the design), the text tool (for the logo), and the shape tool (to create shapes, such as the fish shape in my third design).


The application I will use to design my Delish packaging will be Adobe Photoshop. This is because the application is relatively easy to use and it provides all the right features/manipulation techniques needed to create my final packaging design, such as selection, crop, erase, brush, eyedropper etc. It’s also a bitmap based application which means the design can include multiple amounts of layers which is useful as it doesn’t limit how complex the design can be. In addition to this, using Photoshop means the file will be a widely accepted file format when it’s saved, as its a popular program, so the file will be versatile as it can be read and transferred across plenty of platforms.



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