Proposal – Task 2

In this proposal I will be explaining the ideas I have for my Delish project. I will go into detail about my ideas and the design style, and also include any inspiration I found.

My idea for all of my Delish packaging was that the material would be a cardboard bag with a flap that tucks into itself at the back, as this is a recyclable material and the use of a flap that tucks in means that it doesn’t require any other material to seal it which is environmentally friendly and ethical.

The application I will use to create my package design is Adobe Photoshop. The reasoning for this is the application has better features needed to design my package, and I can use multiple layers to create it which is useful as it’s a bitmap application.

Design Idea 1

My first design idea was that the front would have the logo at the top, which would be the word ‘Delish’ in dark green, and the font would be bold to a degree and it would be a ‘flowy’ font. The reasoning for this design is that Delish is a sophisticated brand and the audience is very niche. Then there will be a graphic of a flame across the majority of the packaging starting from the bottom of the package. The colours of this graphic will be yellow fading out to red at the edge of the flame, and the colours will blend together nicely. I included this because it represents the spice in spicy Cornish seaweed. There will be a photo graphic of seaweed over the top of the flame which will be dark green which would stand out against the flame graphic and it would look unique. I thought it was a creative idea and it would be original. There will be a sticker on the front underneath the logo stating the flavour of the product, and the details about the product (ingredients, nutritional information, weight, etc.) will be on the back of the package.

I was inspired for this idea by this package design:


Design Idea 2

My second design idea was that the logo would be at the top and would be exactly the same as the other two designs (design 3 will have the same logo) with the same dark green colour and flowy font. The reasoning for this is that it makes the packaging stand out and it makes the logo easily identifiable off the shelf if the logo is consistent. The base colour for the packaging will be light sea blue, and will cover the entire package. There will be a transparent area on the bag to show the contents of the product, that will be a rectangle shape covering most of the bottom half of the bag. It will have a graphic of a mermaid sitting on the top edge of the transparent area. There will be graphics of small bubbles dotted around the package to emphasise the sea theme. I was inspired to do this design through thinking of other ways to represent the product without including an image of the product itself. The details of the package will be on the back and the sticker stating the flavour (spicy cornish seaweed) will be on the front underneath the logo.

For this idea this packaging design inspired me:


Design Idea 3

My third design idea is that the bag will have the same green and flowy logo at the top and it will be big enough on the package to easily stand out on the shelf. This idea is purely photography based which is different compared to my other ideas. There will be a transparent area just like my previous design idea, but the shape of it will be a fish. The background will be a photo of the sea with the sun peeping out at the top, which will emphasise the sea theme. As with the other two designs, the details of the product will be on the back and the sticker will be on the front underneath the logo.

For this idea I was inspired by this package design:



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