Skim and Scan Reading 1 – Media Magazine Article

Describe the article in as much detail as you can after SKIM reading

  • The article focuses on explaining how the role of men and women in the fifties has changed, and explains that it was very male dominant. The men were payed more than women for the same job and any major purchases had to be male approved.

Describe what you think are the three key points after SCAN reading

  • 1) That the roles of men and women have changed significantly since the 50’s, and that these roles were often portrayed through advertisements.
  • 2) That the males were dominant over the females and even female targeted adverts were made to be approved by men.
  • 3) Advertisements targeted at men were rarely set in a domestic environment and environments such as pubs or sporting events were a much more favoured setting.

Now that you have read the article in DETAIL, explain what the article is about

The article explains how the roles of men and women have progressed and changed over the decades, from the fifties to the nineties. It explains how in the fifties when TV advertisement started out that it was strongly male dominated. The men would make the most money in the household because the women worked less in order to look after the family, so even adverts targeted at women would feature a man, whether visually or in a voice over. If it was visual the man would often be clean cut, in a suit and in a domestic environment such as a kitchen. The men controlled the money so adverts would be made to appeal to men even if it was targeted at women.

Adverts targeted at men showed the men in a non-domestic setting, such as a pub or sporting event. However, the adverts targeted at men were similar to the ones targeted at women through the men being clean cut, and in suits. Although through the decades the image of men in advertising has changed, from sophisticated Bond style in the 60’s to the caring family guy in the 90’s.


One thought on “Skim and Scan Reading 1 – Media Magazine Article

  1. Grade: Distinction

    Your understanding of the texts is good and your responses to each section (skim, scan, detail), are well written with an appropriate level of detail.

    Well done, Anne-Marie.

    Could you please publish the second example, as it is still saved as a draft post. Thank you.


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