Home Learning – Research a TV Advert


What product is the advert for?

The product this advert is for is Virgin Media TV.

What images, sounds and music does the advert use and WHY?

The advert uses dramatic music throughout the advert to emphasise the tone of the advert, which is dramatic and upbeat. The music reflects the mood of the advert to the audience and makes it stand out. There are sound effects used throughout, such as the smashing glass/mirrors, which is effective as it adds chaos and drama to the advert. There are images featured in the advert that are not photographic, such as the channel brand graphics circling one of the kids. The effect of this is it shows that the product is vast and makes it seem more complex.

What techniques does the advert use to try and appeal to the audience (Vance Packard theory)

The advert uses the humour technique of Vance Packard’s theory to appeal to the audience throughout the advert. The use of humour makes the advert memorable and making the audience laugh will spark interest in the brand. It tells the audience that the brand has a sense of humour which makes them a more appealing company. The advert is relevant and relatable to the audience which is shown through the humour.

What information does it give you about the product?

Throughout the advert Virgin Media tell us all of the functions that their product provides, through humour. It tells the audience subtly that their service provides the ability to cast films from a tablet, catch up on missed episodes, connect a laptop to the TV, and that there is a large variety of TV shows to watch provided by Virgin Media.

What ‘needs’ does the advert fulfil for the audience?


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