Delish Packaging Analysis


Packaging 1 – The Food Doctor

On this packaging I like the colour themes – on the first one the main colours are green and ivory, and on the second the colour themes are light and dark pink. I like these colours because they are natural and fit the organic and healthy theme for the product. If the colours were bright red and blue for instance, it would be unnatural and wouldn’t conventionally fit with what the product is.

The fonts on this packaging are mainly bold and easy to read. This is effective because it means that customers are more likely to buy the product if they can understand what it says. If the font was unclear and too fancy, people are more likely to not buy the product.

On this packaging, I like the image design as its quirky and stands out. It’s effective as crisp thins with the stalk make it look like a branch which emphasises the organic food theme.

I like the logo on the packaging as its bold and stands out. It’s effective as it makes the font clearer and easier to spot off the shelf. The colour of the logo on both packaging designs is darker than the image so they both stand out well. It’s also in the shape of an apple which applies to the theme of organic food as apples are organic.


Packaging 2 – Dried Fruit

On this packaging, I like the colours because they’re bright and stand out but not so much that it looks unnatural. It’s also effective because the colours of the graphics compliment the colours of the logo on all three package designs. The background colours are pastel which makes the graphic images bolder and is therefore effective.

The fonts are bold and easy to see, and there isn’t much writing to read which makes it more applicable to a wider audience that might not want to do much reading when buying a snack.

The image design is effective because it is photographic and not graphic which is effective as it shows what the actual ingredients are. It is also a nice contrast to the matte style of the logo.

The logo is effective because of its big and easy to spot which makes it stand out on the shelf. In addition to this, the logo is effective because the font is in a scratchy style of font which fits the natural and organic theme compared to a font that is bolder and/or urban.


Packaging 3 – Terra’s Garden

The colours on the packaging are effective because they are bright and complimentary to the rest of the packaging, which makes the product stand out more and is more eye catching. On the first package, the pink on the packaging compliments the veg in the bag that is also pink.

The fonts are varied  –  they vary in colour and design, which is effective and it makes the packaging more interesting and presentable. The flower and bird graphics that are used as an apostrophe are effective as they look quirky and cool, and they also fit the natural theme.

The packaging is also partially see through which is effective and appealing to customers as they can see what they’re buying and not just guessing what it looks like. Customers are more likely to buy the product if they know exactly what they’re buying.



Packaging 4 – Organic Earth

The colours used on this packaging are effective because they are bright but not unnatural, so they are eye catching to customers. The bright colours of the graphic images contrast the black background which makes them stand out.

The fonts and text are small but this is okay because the images already tell the customers what flavour the product is without them having to read it.

The graphic image design is effective because it is simple and quirky which catches the eye of the customer and emphasises what flavour the product is. The fact that the graphic design stands out also makes the product easy to spot on the shelf and is easily recognisable.



Packaging 5 – Ella’s Kitchen

The colours used in this packaging are bright and colourful which is effective because they fit in with the baby demographic. The product is organic baby food so bright, fun colours ensure that the design is suitable for it’s target audience.

The fonts used are big and in child-like writing, which targets the audience well so it is in a fun and easy to read style. The colour of the writing is also the same on each design and the colour compliments and shows up well on the product.

The graphic images also fit the children’s demographic as they are child like and simple. They aren’t too fancy but fit in well with the rest of the packaging and go with the overall style.

The logo is in the same style as as the rest of the text so it doesn’t complicate the design or make it too busy. It is big and obvious so it’s easy to spot off the shelf.


Packaging 6 – Cereal

The colours used in this packaging are effective because they are bright and are distinct.  The red colour of the mouth compliments all the other design colours and helps the packaging stand out and makes it recognisable.

The fonts used are simple and easy to read which targets the demographic audience as they are likely to be kids. The main text is big so its easy to tell what kind of cereal it is rather than scanning the package looking for text.

The graphics of animals eating the cereal is effective because its fun and appealing for kids to look at and makes the packaging more targeted at kids. They are also eating the product which is cereal, which is effective because it makes the product look appealing to eat.

The logo is small and not very obvious, but this is effective as it makes the customer look for it and therefore pay more attention. Also the customer knows the products are all from the same line as they all have the same basic design – the animal, cereal and placement of the main text.



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